Blended Learning

What tasks are useful for pre- and post-class study?

As educational technologies evolve, so do the possibilities for active blended learning, or the integration of face-to-face study with online study. Consider your teaching context. How might your students learn new content and language prior to class? How might they demonstrate or extend their understanding of content, or they practice what they have learned after class?

A growing trend in education is the utilization of learning management systems (LMSs). LMSs typically include features or modules such as glossaries, forums, quizzes, wikis, blogs, interactive exercises, and can also allow for the embedding of video/audio clips, voicethreads, photo journals, PDFs, PPTs, and other forms of educational technology. Not surprisingly, LMSs may have profound effects on EFL study, as educators can now optimize in-class time for active learning tasks while pushing some of the independent tasks to the LMS.


Kinds of Tasks:

  • learning of content
  • vocabulary acquisition
  • grammar lesson
  • reading comprehension
  • listening comprehension
  • writing practice
  • speaking practice
  • independent vs group
  • personal learning strategies