Content Creation

What kind of content can encourage active study?

Whether the educational focus is on subject-matter or specific language skills, EFL educators can excite and engage students in active learning by using a variety of multimedia tools for design and development.

  • video tutorials
  • voicethreads
  • audio slideshows
  • interactive exercises
  • forums, wikis, blogs
  • glossaries, quizzes
  • ebooks, PDFs, PPTs
  • webquests
  • audio/video clips




Similarly, materials are also an excellent way to engaging students in active study, play, or practice target language they have learned. Among other educational resources, consider how the following materials can be effectively integrated into your teaching practice:

  • flash cards
  • textbooks, worksheets
  • information strips
  • study/game boards
  • conversation cubes
  • reading rods
  • globes and maps
  • big books, readers
  • puppetry, realia