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What is EFLmedia?

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We are a small online community of educators, content developers, and web designers with a keen interest in educational technologies.
We hail from various parts of the world, yet we all aspire to engage in the bold and powerful dynamics of online collaboration.
Our ever-evolving goal is to enhance the English-as-a-foreign language (EFL) learning experience via blended learning approaches.
We are primarily involved with training EFL teachers on how to appropriately integrate multimedia into EFL study.
We also construct digital artifacts (video tutorials, ebooks) and develop learning management systems that showcase content.
Finally, we also teach on various EFL subjects, from EFL Multimedia and Materials, to Instructional Design for MALL, to Game Design.
Depending on learning objectives and content, we use an assortment of educational technologies to enhance EFL study.
For instance, this may involve the use of presentation software, accessible desktop computer programs, or mobile devices.
Or it may involve the use specific digital artifacts and apps that encourage interesting and educational learning experiences.

Useful Resources

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  • Hands-on Materials +

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